Wed, Apr 1, 2020
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Asia's first compliant crypto fund - Circle Fund - has emerged

Monday, January 13, 2020
Opalesque Industry Update, for New Managers - As the digital currency market matures from wild speculation to trust and integrity, a new crypto hedge fund has emerged - the first to be compliant in Asia. Circle Fund is working to grow the crypto-asset ecosystem by supporting innovative projects and their founders.

The company has more than five years of experience in both the primary and secondary blockchain industry markets and has a team of investors with decades of experience in securities, commodity, and currency trading. The global team has a presence in Shanghai, Hong Kong, and New York.

Circle Fund's team of investors works with parties in the Chinese and American markets, such as high-volume exchanges, media companies, and blockchain and venture capital investment managers. Circle Fund focuses on investing in projects that will provide long-term value to the blockchain ecosystem as well as maximize financial returns. The fund has been thoroughly audited and is compliant with various industry authorities, including the Cayman Islands Monetary Authority, Triple Leo Consulting, Signature Bank, Coinbase Custody, InVault Trust, and KPMG.

Global compliance and regulation for crypto investment funds are especially important as the crypto market begins 2020 with renewed positive sentiment and increasing opportunities. Circle Fund is a company that understands this and is one of the only Asian crypto funds with the same compliance standards as US-based crypto investment companies, such as Multicoin Capital. As the crypto market returns to the positive sentiment of the 2016-2017 era, it is clear that there is a need for globally compliant crypto-focused investment funds.

2019 saw a revival of crypto prices and a renewal of institutional interest in the crypto market. The entrance of companies such as Fidelity Asset Management and Intercontinental Exchange is confirmation of this renewed enthusiasm in digital assets. In addition to the entrance of these large traditional companies, the enhanced custodial services offered by Coinbase and rival firm Gemini are laying the foundation for increased liquidity in the crypto sector.

Circle Fund has consistently succeeded in outperforming its peers with its innovative investment strategy. Unlike other funds, which have been more hesitant to invest in the crypto market, Circle Fund is trusting in the increasingly efficient blockchain technology stack and taking an aggressive, quantitative approach to investing in the market. Because of its global, adaptive approach to crypto investment, Circle Fund is well-positioned to capitalize on the reinvigorated digital markets in 2020.

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