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Climate Change and Carbon as a Liquid Asset Class

Webinar with Michael Azlen, CEO Carbon Cap Management LLP, April 7th 10am EST

Carbon markets have grown significantly over the past five years and carbon is now a highly liquid and investable asset class having traded more than $1 billion per day in 2019. Carbon has generated strong historical returns combined with low correlations to other asset classes. The outlook for carbon prices over the next decade is positive but carbon markets are driven by both "commodity" factors and "policy" factors.

Learn from senior investment professional and London Business School guest lecturer Michael Azlen:

  • The Science of Climate Change
  • The Paris Agreement & the importance of carbon pricing
  • Cap and Trade as a successful policy tool and how it is spreading globally
  • Why carbon has outperformed other asset classes since 2012, with a higher Sharpe Ratio and low correlation
  • The outlook for carbon prices and how to add value with active risk management & multiple alpha strategies
  • How investing into carbon can generate attractive returns and a direct impact on climate change

One of the most effective climate change policies, both environmentally and economically, limits emissions by capping them and putting a price on them. Cap and Trade "Emissions Trading Systems" cap the total amount of emissions and allow participants to freely trade the carbon. This market-based solution to climate change allows the "invisible hand" of the market to determine the price of carbon and provides the most cost-effective path to emissions reductions. Emissions trading is operating successfully in several markets and now spreading globally to multiple new countries and markets.

Michael Azlen is a senior investment professional with 25 years of industry experience. He has been a guest lecturer on the Masters degree program at London Business School for 16 years and now teaches a segment on the impact of Climate Change on the investment industry. He is the founder and CEO of Carbon Cap Management LLP, an environmental asset management firm managing the World Carbon Fund, a unique fund that invests into global carbon markets and generates a direct impact on lowering emissions.





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