Tue, Dec 6, 2022
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About Opalesque Roundtable

The Opalesque Roundtable Series is an unparalleled collection of intelligence on the most important global hedge fund jurisdictions and players.

In each Opalesque Roundtable, Opalesque unites some of the leading hedge fund managers (single and multi strategy managers) as well as representatives of the local investor base (institutions, fund of funds, advisers) to gain unique insights into the specific idiosyncrasies and developments, the issues and advantages of the highlighted hedge fund centers.

No matter if you are a hedge fund investor looking for new talent, a hedge fund interested in diversifying your investor base or a service provider looking for new clients, you will get to know some of the leading heads of each hedge fund center and find invaluable information and intelligence right on your desk, without any travel involved.

The Roundtable Series is continually updated, covered hedge fund centers include: USA (New York), UK (London), Switzerland (Geneva), Nordic Region (Stockholm), Russia, Singapore, Hong Kong Japan, Australia, New Zealand, Brazil etc.

You can set up your Roundtable subscription here and access this unique catalog of intelligence on the global hedge fund industry.

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Reader Testimonials

"Quick note of thanks for the Roundtable series. I attend 5-10 industry events a month in New York and found the perspectives and insights contained in your pieces added considerably more value to my understanding of the current market conditions."

Andrew Saunders, CAIA, Managing Director,
Hedge Connection Inc

"Really interesting, good panel, good points. Well done!"

Carol Paterson-Smith,

"I don't follow the hedge fund industry as closely as you, especially not in Asia, so just about everything these guys said was new and interesting to me."

Will Acworth,

"I've been enjoying those Roundtable pieces in Asia, US, Europe. We are expanding into Asia and I simply cannot wait to share this doc with my colleagues...Thank you > congratulations > great job and...Bravo!"

Dawn Ford,

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