Wed, Dec 7, 2022
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My name is Matthias Knab, I am the editor of Alternative Market Briefing. Recently on a train ride I realised that Alternative Market Briefing isn’t really about news. There are news and information all over the place. It’s not “news” that make Alternative Market Briefing so valuable that within less than one year this premium service has grown to be the largest daily news service globally dedicated to hedge funds. It’s not “news” that cause subscribers to mail testimonials and praise about this service. If it’s not news, what is it then? On that train ride, I realized that what Alternative Market Briefing (AMB) is really offering to subscribers are four precious and distinct benefits:

  1. More time – because with AMB you get the most important hedge fund update daily from a trusted source. The user-friendly layout allows you to glance over the headlines and be briefed on the most important developments in a minute or less.
  2. More opportunity – because AMB is independent and unbiased and most importantly covers each day multitudes of hedge fund opportunities around the globe.
  3. More market intelligence – because when it comes to hedge funds, you don’t really want just news – you want market intelligence. And: the faster, the better.
  4. More money – because spending less than $12 per month (special introductory offer) for all these benefits means having more in the pocket for other crucial areas of your business, such as marketing, staff or IT.

As a matter of fact, we are so convinced about the quality of Alternative Market Briefing that we are offering a no-frills and “no-strings-attached” money back guarantee. At any time you can cancel your yearly or two-yearly subscription and we will refund the amount of the unused part of your subscription, except for a small fee of $20 for handling and cross border charges.

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This is one of the few emails I get and read at home. Given that most emails I get, I don't even read (at home, or the office) this is a high hurdle you have achieved. Kudos. Keep up the good work."

John Brynjolfsson, Co-Founder
and CIO, Armored Wolf LLC

Opalesque changed the world by bringing transparency where there was opacity and by delivering an accurate professional reporting service.

Nigel Blanchard, Culross

“I am an Opalesque user and find the insights offered therein invaluable in assessing the landscape of our industry and determining our own business strategy and plan of attack.”

Daniel Loeb, Third Point

"I am an Opalesque subscriber, and I find it uniquely focussed and thorough in meeting our need to keep abreast quickly of important developments in the hedge fund industry."

Izzy Englander, Millennium Partners

“I find Opalesque’s daily summaries of all the hedge fund related news exceptionally helpful.”

Cliff Asness, AQR

“Opalesque is a very useful addition to my research”

Michael Hintze,
CEO of CQS, London

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