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Brief History of Opalesque

Opalesque was formed in 2001 to provide professional news services to participants in the alternative investment sector. Since inception, Opalesque has been providing premium online information services related to the hedge fund and investment industries. The Opalesque publication Alternative Market Briefing is the only daily hedge fund news service read by the elite hedge fund managers themselves (see our Testimonial page for more)

Opalesque is led by Matthias Knab, an internationally recognized expert on hedge funds and alternatives. Mr. Knab has frequently served as chairman of hedge fund conferences New York, Greenwich, Miami, London, Monaco, Tokyo, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Bahamas, Stockholm and Dubai. In addition, he has spoken at or moderated panels at hedge fund events or Roundtables in Chicago, San Francisco, Scottsdale, Denver, Toronto, Geneva, Zurich, Frankfurt, Cannes, Singapore, Sydney, Melbourne, Cape Town, Madrid, Moscow, Sao Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Cayman Islands, Bermuda, Auckland, Abu Dhabi and Bombay, and lectured at numerous universities on the subjects of hedge funds and the state of the global alternative asset management industry.

After having been in the IT and consultancy business since 1988, in the year 2000 Matthias Knab started to publish a pioneering newsletter "Industry Report" which was focusing on the ascent of Electronic Trading within the online brokerage industry. It was at that time when he started to establish his first links into the hedge fund industry and became aware about the need of a daily, independent and encompassing news service on this thriving industry.


How Opalesque Changed the Hedge Fund Media Space

24 January

Opalesque launched NEW MANAGERS, a top-down monthly analysis, news and research publication on the global emerging manager space, including:

  • Feature Articles: in-depth, with interviews
  • New Starts: Launches of the month from start-ups
  • Profiles: Interviews of emerging managers
  • Perspectives: Hedge fund experts and investors talk about emerging managers
NEW MANAGERS is edited by Opalesque's senior editor Benedicte Gravrand. Issue 1 of New Managers (36 pages!) can be downloaded here:

30 December

Opalesque launches world's first video show on Uncorrelated Investments. This new internet-based video program is a free, educational service focusing on investments that exhibit a lack of dependence on economic strength and stock market performance.
The Uncorrelated Investments Show uncovers market environments with deep analysis of macroeconomic trends and its impact on uncorrelated investments.

Mark Melin, the host of the Uncorrelated Investments Show, also publishes Opalesque Futures Intelligence and Opalesque Futures Strategies, two specialist publications - dedicated to investors ("sophisticated qualified eligible persons"). The Show can be viewed here:

18th November

Opalesque launches "Legends and Leaders" video interview series with Julian Robertson and Izzy Englander: The first of the "Legends and Leaders" interview zooms in on hedge fund titan Julian Robertson who shares his secrets about "How to identify hedge fund talent". Robertson, now also recognized as the "world's greatest seeder", has a long history of supporting young talents and upcoming hedge fund managers. The video includes the list of all 38 "Tiger seeds" (confirmed by Tiger Management)-funds set up with the help and financial support of Julian Robertson.

Izzy (Israel) Englander, who-according to CNN-is "secretive, even by the standards of a hedge fund", features in the second Opalesque FIVE Minutes interview series. With his Millennium hedge fund, Englander has a stunning 20 year track record, but few know that he has been in the business of trading and running money for almost 40 years now. In this Opalesque FIVE Minutes, Englander speaks about how he started his career, how to create longevity in a hedge fund business, about risk management and his approach to investing.

The legendary cocoa trader ("chocolate finger") Anthony Ward from U.K. based asset manager Armajaro explains to Opalesque's Matthias Knab the many opportunities in the soft commodities market, and how through massive investments into weather data Armajaro obtains a leading edge.

Elena Ambrosiadou, featured in a another Opalesque FIVE Minutes, is one of the world's most successful hedge fund managers. She is the CEO of IKOS which commenced trading in London in 1993 as one of the first hedge funds in Europe.

Global Access on Opalesque.TV, Thomson Reuters and YouTube

The Opalesque FIVE Minutes-Legends & Leaders series is continually produced and updated by Opalesque founder Matthias Knab, who keeps on traveling the world to meet outstanding hedge fund managers and veterans of the industry.

Further interviews include FrontPoint Partner's CIO and Co-CEO Mike Kelly, Francois Bonnin from systematic trader John Lock Investments, Hermitage Capital founder William Browder (to be published in February), and many more.

All Opalesque Videos can be accessed on www.Opalesque.TV, on the Thomson Reuters platform, and on the OpalesqueTV channel on YouTube.

31st May

With the launch of the Technical Research Weekly Global Outlook, Opalesque expands the Technical Analysis coverage by adding eight more global markets. The Weekly Global Outlook complements the Technical Research Briefings. Both publications are produced by the famed chartist Greg Troccoli, Director of Technical Analysis at Opalesque.

The Opalesque Technical Research Weekly Global Outlook is published each weekend and has a concentration toward Asian and European markets. Currently, the following markets are covered:

  • EURO BUND 10- Year
  • CAC 40
  • FTSE 250
  • CME NIKKEI-(Cash)

With the Briefings and the Weekly Outlook, Opalesque subscribers have access to four Technical Research publications per week, covering what are for many finance professionals the sixteen most important global markets.

17th March

The Opalesque Roundtable Series was initiated on March 17th 2008 as an unparalleled collection of intelligence on the most important global hedge fund jurisdictions and players. In an Opalesque Roundtable, Opalesque unites some of the leading hedge fund managers (single and multi strategy managers) as well as representatives of the local investor base (institutions, fund of funds, advisers) to gain unique insights into the specific idiosyncrasies and developments, the issues and advantages of the highlighted hedge fund centers.

No matter if you are a hedge fund investor looking for new talent, a hedge fund interested in diversifying your investor base or a service provider looking for new clients, you will get to know some of the leading heads of each hedge fund center and find invaluable information and intelligence right on your desk, without any travel involved.

The Roundtable Series is continually updated, covered hedge fund centers include: USA (New York), UK (London), Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore, Australia (Sydney), New Zealand. The Opalesque Hong Kong Roundtable was also published in Chinese (Mandarin) and is available (as any other Roundtable Script) in the Roundtable Archive. This Opalesque Roundtable script is the first in-depth report on hedge funds (26 pages) which is available in Chinese (Mandarin).

17th April

On April 17th 2006, Opalesque began to publish its Technical Research Briefing, a weekly newsletter that offers technical chart analysis with a global perspective on all major markets, including Equity Indices, Fixed Income, Currencies and Commodities.

Opalesque noted very early that the correlation of the typical hedge fund strategies amongst themselves and with other markets and asset classes is increasing. Therefore Opalesque developed the Technical Research Briefings as a service to help investors, managers and other professionals to "look ahead" and achieve a better understanding of the markets.

The Technical Research Briefings currently cover the following markets:

  • S&P 500 INDEX
  • GOLD
  • U.S. Ten Year Note
  • AUSSIE $ vs. U.S. Dollar
  • NIKKEI-(Cash)

The Technical Research publications are produced and edited by Greg Troccoli, who for many years held the position as First Vice-President - Chief Technical Analyst at Prudential Securities. During his tenure at Prudential, Greg was solely responsible for publishing in-dept analysis of all global markets (in excess of 60). Greg enjoys an extensive media presence on CNBC (Fast Money, Halftime Report), Bloomberg and more.

16th February

On February 16th 2003, Opalesque published its first Alternative Market Briefing newsletter, which reaches now over 46,000 readers each day. The launch of these Briefings was considered to be nothing less than a revolution in the hedge fund media space:

"Opalesque changed the world by bringing transparency where there was opacity and by delivering an accurate professional reporting service."-Nigel Blanchard, Culross

Alternative Market Briefing is a daily newsletter focused on hedge funds and alternatives. This hybrid financial news service, which combines proprietary industry news stories and filtered third party reports has been credited by many industry insiders with delivering precise, accurate, and vital information to a notoriously guarded audience.

Opalesque subscribers can also access the Alternative Market Briefing archive with currently over 90407 articles, the largest online news database on hedge funds. The archive, a resource used by thousands each day, is fully searchable.


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