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Cayler Capital launches security token

Tuesday, August 31, 2021

Bailey McCann, Opalesque New York for New Managers:

Cayler Capital, an energy trading CTA, is launching a new security token that will allow investors to invest directly in the equity of Cayler Capital LLC, not just the investment program. Cayler is the first CTA to launch a security token.

The token will be listed on Securitize Markets, an exchange for security tokens. After the initial one-year lockup there will be secondary trading and liquidity available to investors on the platform. The target list date is October 1, 2021.

The token will have the right to all revenue streams of Cayler Capital and will participate in all growth associated with an increase in AUM or new products. The firm is opening its institutional account this month and its flagship strategy is approaching its three-year milestone.

Cayler's Flagship Energy Program is a fundamental systematic trading strategy that uses a combination of relative value and a directional oil approach. Investors can invest in either sub-strategy or the comingled program depending on their risk profile. The strategy uses a combination of fundamental and technical analysis to make its trading decisions and builds on the work portfolio manager Brent Belote did as manager of the Oil Product Derivative book for North America at JP Morgan.

The Energy Program uses six algorithms that track WTI, Brent, Heating Oil Cracks, RBOB ......................

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