Thu, Dec 12, 2019
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Other Voices: For alternative asset managers, the time for RPA is now

Tuesday, November 26, 2019

By: Martin Boyd, president of Capital Market Solutions for FIS

Alternative asset managers are getting serious about embracing technology. Robotic process automation, machine learning and artificial intelligence - innovations I collectively refer to as emerging technology are having a moment in the industry. While the exact scope of what these ideas will mean for the industry are still unclear, some trends are emerging.

After years of skepticism - fueled by concerns about viability, regulatory capability and the costs of implementing solutions in a compressed fee environment - a series of overlapping technologies have the ability to fundamentally shift how alternative asset managers create value for clients. A recent FIS survey of global asset managers found that 44 percent of respondents said that their technology in place can support current growth ambitions. This is more than double from two years earlier.

As the industry shifts from uncertainty and indecision towards implementation, the most critical question becomes what technology to implement and how to do this. A misaligned technology implementation can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars and take years of manpower. As some technologists found who invested too-quickly into blockchain technology, not all emerging technologies deliver the same return. (This isn't to say blockchain doesn't hold promise in the industry; more that future blockchain deployments are likely to be more robust and deliver greate......................

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