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Varus Fund expects Germany to lead Europe in economic growth with Zurich as the most favored destination for hedge funds

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

From Komfie Manalo, Opalesque Asia:

Germany will lead Europe in economic growth in the first and second quarter of this year as the German government has already put in place fundamentals to ensure financial expansion, including tax relief. The German economy has also been showing better-than-expected performance compared to other European countries which have been on the decline due to their weaker competitiveness and less stringent austerity measures, said Stefan Heieck, co-founder with Frank Siebrecht of Heieck Siebrecht Capital Advisors, Zurich-based adviser to Varus Capital Management’s Varus Varus Fund.

"Our cross reads from the companies points confirms this view, as they already divide Europe into well growing North European and stagnating South European countries. Germans will enjoy the free lunch of the low yield environment. It will result in consumption spending and a revival of the undervalued housing market (the third lowest valued in the world on IMF data). We expect German economic growth to be supported from further improving domestic activity," Heieck said in the April issue of MondoHedge newsletter.

Heieck added that the German economy would be further stimulated by an expansion in the U.S. economy as an estimated 30-40% of the nation’s total revenue are tied to the U.S. compared to just 5-10% coming from China.

Zurich is most favored destination for hedge funds The hedge fun......................

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