Mon, Mar 19, 2018
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Alternative investment managers, hedge funds can expect large inflows from Japanese investors

Thursday, March 01, 2018

Komfie Manalo, Opalesque Asia:

Douglas Hymas, Tokyo-based country executive for Bank of New York Mellon said he is seeing increased flows toward alternatives from Japanese investors.

Speaking at the latest Opalesque 2018 Japan Roundtable, Hymas said that from what he had seen, the inflows are going more toward private equity and real estate. "Not so much toward hedge funds yet because of performance issues recently."

He added, "But I think what we are seeing is a re-orientation toward alternatives and that this momentum is growing. The question is, is this the beginning of a trend that will continue or does it get diverted at some point? I'd like to think that it's going to continue because I think the longer term trend, is that the middle range is hollowing out, and there are only two places to go - to passives or toward alternatives - and it can't all go to passives."

In addition, the Japanese government is now focusing on the issue which might provide the seeds for a positive trend. The question is whether those will really sprout and continue, Hymas continued.

Institutional investors are now more open to alternatives and active managers

Hymas observation was shared by Masaki Gotoh, CIO and partner at Misaki Capital who added that large as......................

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