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Longevity Investors Aim for the Double Dividend

Monday, September 19, 2022

Tobias is building companies since he has been 21 years old. He exited his first start-up in 2003, thereafter built Europe’s leading climate- change infrastructure fund SUSI Partners, co-founded Crypto Finance Group and The Singularity Group and has invested in more than 20 start-ups. In 2020 he has launched the Longevity Investors Conference together with Marc P. Bernegger. Tobias is a “lion” at Switzerland’s TV investor-Show “Hohle der Lowen” (Shark-Tank) and aims at a healthy 120 years of life.



Marc P. Bernegger is a serial-tech entrepreneur who has been following developments in the field of longevity since 2009.

Besides co-founding the longevity company- builder Maximon and the Longevity Investors Conference, he is involved in the crypto hedge fund AltAlpha Digital and is among others in the board of CfC St. Moritz and the Swiss Blockchain Federation.

Marc explored Bitcoin in 2012 and was a founding shareholder and board member of Crypto Finance Group (acquired by Deutsche Boerse in 2021).

Marc started his entrepreneurial journey by founding the party platform right after college (acquired by Axel Springer Media). He is also a co-founder of amiando, a ticketing platform, which was purchased by Xing and named “Global Technology Pioneer” by the World Economic Forum (WEF).

Marc holds a master’s degree in law from the University of Zurich and is an alumni of the Singularity University.


Matthias Knab: What can investors expect from your upcoming Longevity conference September 28-30 in Gstaad, Switzerland?

Dr. Tobias Reichmuth: The Longevity Investors conference is going to be a wholesome experience. Firstly, they can expect education: as you have seen on the schedule, we were able to secure some of the most relevant scientists as speakers who will help the conference participants to build and expand their understanding of what longevity really means.

As the only “investors’ ‘’ conference in the longevity space, we put a lot of emphasis on the networking aspect and we have created a lot of touchpoints throughout the 2 full day experience where like minded investors can connect and build long lasting relationships.

Finally, let’s not forget that we will also be talking about measures to actively prolong your life – what can you take or do already today in order to stay healthy and to live longer? We will also co-host a Longevity Lounge, where the attendees will have the privilege of experiencing the latest trends in longevity therapies and treatments.

It’s an investor conference where, whoever you talk with, you can really meet other investors on eye- level. That’s exactly what the Longevity Investors Conference stands for.

Matthias Knab: Can you give us an idea what type of investors will be joining?

Marc P. Bernegger: The number of participants is limited and curated to 150, ensuring high quality networking and community building in a unique setting. There are more and more traditional investors joining the longevity space, which creates massive investment opportunities. The special setup of this year’s conference enables not only knowledge exchange but also effective community-building, which is very unique for the industry and has never happened before to this extent.

The typical investors we aim to attract to our conference aren’t really looking to become longevity experts and investors who will then go very deeply into the individual business case and look at individual startups, but would probably rather focus on identifying the right experts to do this job. And so from that perspective, we ultimately want to present other investors and ideally the most respective ones at our conference.

Matthias Knab: Will you also present actual investment opportunities in longevity at the conference? And if, how do you select those?

Marc P. Bernegger: The first day of the conference will partly be focused on investment strategies and recognizing the current opportunities. Some of the biggest experts will share their advice, such as Michael Greve, the Founder of Forever Healthy Foundation, who will be part of a fireside chat on the topic of “Longevity: The Investment Opportunity”. Later on, there will be an Investment panel discussion with Robin Lauber (General Partner at Korify Capital), Sebastian Punzeler (Partner at Apollo Health Ventures), Miri Polachek (General Partner at quadraScope) and Phil Newman (Editor in Chief at Longevity Technology), as well as a keynote speech “How to invest in longevity while avoiding biotech risk” by Tobias Reichmuth.

We will also co-host a Startup showcase, where we are only welcoming a few selected startups to present in front of the guest investors, as well as the aforementioned Longevity Lounge.

Matthias Knab: You are entrepreneurs at heart, what attracted you to the longevity space? And what is your personal approach to invest in that domain?

Dr. Tobias Reichmuth: Marc met Aubrey de Grey at a conference in Geneva back in 2009 and was fascinated by his insights about extending human life- and healthspan. Later we both got exposed to Singularity University in Palo Alto in 2016 seeing death not as something inevitable but more of a combination of sicknesses which you can actually fight.

If people get 120 years old and stay healthy until they die, everything changes, our entire social systems will change. This also means that we will see many huge investment opportunities in different industries and sectors. There are also some interesting venture funds out there, some of which are also speaking at the Longevity Investors Conference.

This topic is one which moves people. Next to making a nice profit, they share the interest of staying healthy and living longer. With their investments, they support research we will all benefit from. Longevity investments therefore provide a double dividend, not only a financial return, but also support scientific progress. I think this is the motivation of many of the investors in that field.

Matthias Knab: What is your vision for the Longevity Conference going forward?

Marc P. Bernegger: The longevity industry will be one of the biggest investment opportunities during the next decade — expected to be worth at least $600 billion by 2025. It is experiencing great momentum, and this is the ideal time to use it in favor of educating and spreading information to investors. In a sea of science-oriented conferences, a professional and global investor-focused longevity conference such as LIC will provide an opportunity for the industry’s top investors and innovators to get acquainted with recent developments and breakthroughs.


Matthias Knab will attend the Longevity Investors Conference September 28-30 in Gstaad, Switzerland. More information, registration:

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