Sat, Aug 20, 2022
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Reader Testimonials

“Many congratulations to your new publication and your acknowledgement that, to capture truly diversified returns, investors increasingly need to look for alternative sources of risk. As daily readers of your Alternative Market Briefing, we appreciate this new publication as an added value.”

Wouter B. ten Brinke, CFA,
Theta Capital Management B.V.

"I think this is a truly wonderful idea and a fantastic product! I hope to find many investable ideas generated from this new publication!"

Neal Berger, Director,
Eagle's View Fund, Ltd.

"A very professionally construed manager introduction piece."

Thomas Lott, President, Potomac Portfolios

"I enjoyed reading the first two A SQUARE Reports, and already have incorporated some of the strategies you described into the hedge fund courses I am teaching this semester. Those investors seeking the newest strategies may find A SQUARE a convenient source for staying ahead of the curve."

Leon M. Metzger,
Adjunct Professor, Hedge Funds, Columbia University and New York University

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