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29 Dec. 2013. Opalesque Exclusive: Hedge funds posted both performance and assets gains in November: hedge fund news, week 51 [more]

In the week-ending 27 December 2013, Citi Prime Finance said that hedge funds posted both performance and assets gains in November with assets gaining

21 Dec. 2013. Opalesque Exclusive: Merger of Gottex and EIM confirm hedge fund of funds' consolidation pressure: hedge fund news, week 51 [more]

In the week ending 20th December 2013, it was reported that Gottex Fund Management and EIM Group, two alternative investment managers, had reached agreement on the proposed mer

14 Dec. 2013. Opalesque Exclusive: Hedge funds attracted $360bn new money this year: hedge fund news, week 50 [more]

In the week ending 13 December, 2012, Preqin said hedge fund managers attracted some $360bn in fresh assets this year despite lagging performance. Meanwhile BarclayHedge an

07 Dec. 2013. Opalesque Exclusive: UK hedge funds might relocate: hedge fund news, week 49 [more]

In the week ending 06 Dec, 2013, experts in Europe warned that UK hedge funds might relocate because of the government’s crackdown on partnerships; the Co-operative Bank bondholders voted overwhelmingly to allow hedge funds to take major stakes in the new group; European charities have demand

30 Nov. 2013. Opalesque Exclusive: Global banks and asset managers to launch more Asian hedge funds: hedge fund news, week 48 [more]

In the week-ending 29 November, 2013, according to Vestment hedge funds saw seven months of consecutive positive performance as at end October as as

24 Nov. 2013. Opalesque Exclusive: Hedge fund managers differ on possible equity market bubble – Hedge fund news, week 47 [more]

In the week ending 22nd November, 2013, it was reported that with the Dow Jones industrial average around 16,000, hedge fund managers that focus on betting against stocks see the opportunity to make money on what they see as

16 Nov. 2013. Opalesque Exclusive: Following several months of net inflows, hedge fund assets reach another all time high - hedge fund news week 46 [more]

In the week ending 15th November, 2013, data provider Eurekahedge said that hedge funds had raised $100bn in 2013 as at end-October, that total industry assets now stand at US$1

09 Nov. 2013. Opalesque Exclusive: Hedge fund launches shrink as banks retain traders with bigger pay: hedge fund news week 45 [more]

In the week ending 8th November, 2013, it was reported that only 418 hedge funds have been set up so far this year, compared to 725 and 780 established in the two preceding years respectively, according to data provider Preqin; this is as banks fight to retain star traders with

02 Nov. 2013. Opalesque Exclusive: Hedge funds assets rose as inflows outpaced losses : hedge fund news, week 44 [more]

In the week-ending 01 Nov, 2013, it was reported that according to Citi analyst Sandy Kaul, hedge funds assets increased as inflows outpaced losses; Fortress Group raised $2bn

26 Oct. 2013. Opalesque Exclusive: SAC reached tentative deal with Feds: hedge fund news, week 43 [more]

In the week-ending 25 Oct., 2013, it was reported that SAC Capital has reached a tentative deal with federal prosecutors to settle the insider trading case and pay $1bn in fines and penalty; the hedge fund

19 Oct. 2013. Opalesque Exclusive: SAC Capital close to agreement to pay record fine, stop operating as investment adviser: hedge fund news, week 42 [more]

In the week ending 18 October, 2013, U.S. prosecutors in the insider trading case of SAC Capital Advisors’ portfolio manager Michael Steinberg are trying to prove that parallel trading were done by other fund managers using the same allegedly illegal tips; meanwhile, SAC is understood to be c

12 Oct. 2013. Opalesque Exclusive: Hedge funds adopt a wait-and-see approach to compliance with AIFMD regulation: hedge fund news, week 41 [more]

In the week ending 11 October, 2013, it was reported that hedge funds are adopting a wait-and-see approach to compliance with regulation due to the complexity of workload involved, according to

05 Oct. 2013. Opalesque Exclusive: Equity hedge and event driven hedge funds expected to be winners in 2013: hedge fund news, week 40 [more]

In the week-ending 4 October, 2013, hedge fund manager GAM said many equity hedge and event driven hedge funds had emerged as winners in September and expects this trend to continue through the rest of 2013. Some 500 hedge funds were launched across the globe in the first seven months of

28 Sep. 2013. Opalesque Exclusive: Event-driven was the only strategy to produce positive performance in August : hedge fund news, week 39 [more]

In the week-ending 27 September, 2013, it was reported that Preqin’s Hedge Fund Analyst database revealed that event driven was the only hedge fund strategy to pr

21 Sep. 2013. Opalesque Exclusive: Australian retail investors interested in alternative funds: hedge fund news, week 38 [more]

In the week-ending 20 September, 2013, Select Asset Management confirmed that alternative investments are increasingly popular with Australia'

14 Sep. 2013. Opalesque Exclusive: Long/short equity strategies post largest outperformance the S&P500 since October 2010: hedge fund news, week 37 [more]

In the week-ending 13 September, 2013, eVestment data showed that hedge funds were down in August, but outperformed most global equity markets as lo

07 Sep. 2013. Opalesque Exclusive: American hedge funds getting bigger and bigger: hedge fund news, week 36 [more]

In the week-ending 06 Sept. 2013, it was reported that America’s hedge funds are getting bigger and bigger with the top 287 firms managing $1.57tln. Blackstone Group said it

31 Aug. 2013. Opalesque Exclusive: PIMCO to expand into alternatives: hedge fund news, week 35 [more]

In the week-ending Aug. 30 2013, it was reported that the world’s largest bond-fund manager PIMCO is planning an expansion of its alternative-investments business in the coming months, accordi

24 Aug. 2013. Opalesque Exclusive: Texas Employment to committ $2.4bn to alternatives in 2014: hedge fund news, week 34 [more]

In the week-ending 23 August 2013, it was reported that the Texas Employees Retirement System, Austin has approved its tactical investment plan that committed

17 Aug. 2013. Opalesque Exclusive: Hedge funds replication ETFs keep growing as industry assets top $4tln: hedge fund news, week 33 [more]

In the week-ending 16 August 2013, it was reported that the data collected under Dodd-Frank Act showed that hedge funds assets topped $4tln, the SEC said.

10 Aug. 2013. Opalesque Exclusive: Hedge funds suffer $8.6bn redemptions in June, most inflows go to Asian funds: hedge fund news, week 32 [more]

In the week-ending 09 August 2013, TrimTabs and BarclayHedge reported that hedge fund investors redeemed $8.6bn in assets in June while HFR rep

03 Aug. 2013. Opalesque Exclusive: Largest U.S. hedge funds have $1.47tln in net assets and $1tln in borrowings, says SEC: hedge fund news, week 31 [more]

In the week-ending 02 August 2013, it was reported that Alpinvesta had launched a fund of managed futures funds investment program; Consilium re

27 Jul. 2013. Opalesque Exclusive: European power house Lyxor turns to niche hedge fund managers for better performance: hedge fund news, week 30 [more]

In Europe, the AIFMD came into force. Lyxor’s Nathanaël Benzaken said the firm turned to early stage and niche hedge fund managers for better performance, in the

20 Jul. 2013. Opalesque Exclusive: Pension fund trustees increasingly sure of the merits of hedge fund investing: hedge fund news, week 29 [more]

A survey by Deutsche Bank showed that pension fund trustees are becoming increasingly sure of the merits of hedge fund investing; opportunities in health-care investing through hedge funds, private equity funds and long-only equity strategies seem to be drawing increasing interest from instituti

13 Jul. 2013. Opalesque Exclusive: U.S. SEC lifts 80-year old solicitation and advertising ban: hedge fund news, week 28 [more]

On Wednesday, the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission voted to lift a ban on general solicitation and general advertising found in the Securities Act of 1933; the lifting

06 Jul. 2013. Opalesque Exclusive: Credit hedge funds suspend summer holidays to exploit arbitrage trade: hedge fund news, week 27 [more]

In the week-ending 5 July 2013, reports said credit hedge funds benefit from outsized trading opportunities that materialised between cash and synthetic markets. Some hedge fund managers would be even willing to

29 Jun. 2013. Opalesque Exclusive: Hedge funds will attract larger more institutional and retail investors in the future: hedge fund news, week 26 [more]

In the week-ending 28 June 2013 the International Securities Lending Association said the hedge fund industry will attract larger pools of institutional

22 Jun. 2013. Opalesque Exclusive: The Comeback of the Twitter Hedge Fund: hedge fund news, week 25 [more]

After setting up the world’s first “Twitter Hedge Fund” in 2011, Paul Hawtin is back launching Cayman Atlantic at the WIRED Money conference in London on Monday 1st July 2013. Cayman Atlantic is a world first investment management company that

15 Jun. 2013. Opalesque Exclusive: Hedge fund launches rose in 1Q13 from the previous quarter to 297: hedge fund news, week 24 [more]

Hedge fund launches rose in 1Q13 from the previous quarter, and totalled 297 funds, the third highest quarterly launch total since the beginning of 2008, reported HFR

08 Jun. 2013. Opalesque Exclusive: Goldman Sachs’ 'hedge fund for the masses’ raised $58m in first month: hedge fund news, week 23 [more]

In the week ending June 7, 2013, SunTx Capital partnered with Ron Dodson to launch IXTHYS Capital; former Mizuho trader Jeffrey Yap was reported to be launching a multi-strategy credit strategy; Valuewalk said CQS would launch a long/short equity hedge fund; and Spartan Fund has launched a di

01 Jun. 2013. Opalesque Exclusive: More investors proactively select hedge funds and alternatives in-house: hedge fund news, week 22 [more]

Among the research pieces out this week, a Preqin survey showed that 80% of investors plan to maintain or increase their alternative assets allocations this y

25 May. 2013. Opalesque Exclusive: Hedge fund managers increase net exposure: hedge fund news, week 21 [more]

In the week ending May 24, 2013, Jeffrey Yap reportedly left Mizuho Securities Asia as head of Asia fixed income trading to launch his own hedge fund; Diapason Commodities announced the launch of its tangible forestry assets hedge fund ForestCare Investment Fund; and Moore Capital founder Lou

18 May. 2013. Opalesque Exclusive: Institutional investments in hedge funds up 56% to $2.3tln by 2017: hedge fund news, week 20 [more]

A Citi Prime Finance report said that global institutional investment in hedge funds would increase 56% to $2.3tln by the end of 2017 from the end of 2012,

11 May. 2013. Opalesque Exclusive: Hedge fund gurus show bear stance during Sohn conference, SALT conference: hedge fund news, week 19 [more]

Hedge fund industry leaders gathered in Las Vegas for Skybridge’s SALT conference this week, during which Ingrid Pierce of Walkers law firm talked to Opalesque about he

04 May. 2013. Opalesque Exclusive: Hedge funds find value in French bonds, Greek corporate debt, Japan’s Abenomics: hedge fund news, week 18 [more]

Hedge funds are reportedly betting French bond prices will fall, buying G

27 Apr. 2013. Opalesque Exclusive: Lyxor expects hedge funds to generate positive returns for the rest of the year: hedge fund news, Week 17 [more]

In the week ending April 26, 2013, Lyxor Research predicted that risk assets were set to generate positive returns for the rest of 2013, driven by a slowly expanding

20 Apr. 2013. Opalesque Exclusive: Former mega hedge fund Stark Investments liquidates while fund closures globally decrease: hedge fund news, Week 16 [more]

In the week ending April 21, 2013, Stark Investments announced it would close down its operations after assets fell by 85% from $14bn to $2.1bn; a report by HedgeFund Intel

13 Apr. 2013. Opalesque Exclusive: Quantitative hedge funds control one-third of industry assets: hedge fund news, Week 15 [more]

Quantitative hedge funds control close to a third of the $2.3tln hedge fund assets, Hedge Fund Research reported. In other related news of the week ending April 8, 2013,

06 Apr. 2013. Opalesque Exclusive: Hedge fund managers feel “pressured to violate law”: hedge fund news, Week 14 [more]

One in three hedge fund employees admitted to having “personally observed” rule-breaking at work, a survey conducted by U.S. law firm Labaton Sucharow revealed, raising serious concerns about fraud in the industry, said

29 Mar. 2013. Opalesque Exclusive: Schroders to acquire Cazenove, Ascalon buys stake in Singapore hedge fund: hedge fund news, Week 13 [more]

In the week ending 28 March 2013, it was reported that three veteran investment professionals had formed Witherspoon Asset Management LLC in Princeton and the firm’s first offering would be the Witherspoon Managed Futures Strategy Fund; Ignis Asset Management plans to launch of a hedge fund

23 Mar. 2013. Opalesque Exclusive: Hedge funds lag market, hope for turnaround year: hedge fund news, Week 12 [more]

In the week ending 22nd March 2013, Shakil Ahmed, the quantitative "secret genius" who left Citi last month, apparently raised around $250m from Blackstone for his new fund, Princeton Alpha. Hedge fund firm Farallon Capital is raising capital for a new real estate fund; Lyxor Asset Manage

16 Mar. 2013. Opalesque Exclusive: New hedge fund launches rose in 2012: hedge fund news, Week 11 [more]

In the week ending March 15, 2013, Hedge Fund Research reported that new hedge fund launches had risen at year end 2012, narrowly trailing total launches for 2011 as total hedge fund industry assets increased to a record of $2.25tln; former Frontpoint manager Thomas Monaco is to start an Asia-focuse

09 Mar. 2013. Opalesque Exclusive: Credit Suisse survey finds investors more confident in risk assets: hedge fund news, Week Ten [more]

In the week ending March 08, 2013, the Morningstar MSCI Composite Hedge Fund Index reported returns of 1.9% in January; The HFRI Fund Weighted Composite Index gained 0.14% in February (+2.67% YTD); The HFRU Composite Index was up 0.66% (+1.53% YTD); The HFRX Global Hedge Fund Ind

02 Mar. 2013. Opalesque Exclusive: Deutsche survey says hedge fund allocations may triple this year: hedge fund news, Week Nine [more]

In the week ending March 1, 2013, veteran managers Adam Wolfberg and Steven Landry teamed up to launch a new technology, media and telecom hedge fund; former GLG partner Raffaele Costa unveiled the first real estate hedge fund of his new firm Tyndaris, said to be one of the boldest start-ups

23 Feb. 2013. Opalesque Exclusive: Hedge funds get $9.4bn fresh capital inflows in January: hedge fund news, Week Eight [more]

In the week ending February 22, 2013, it was reported that former George Soros CIO Keith Anderson would be raising money to launch a new macro hedge fund; New Zealand's first hedge fund-style KiwiSaver scheme was launched last Friday; and Odey A.M. said it was planning to launch a UCITS v

16 Feb. 2013. Opalesque Exclusive: SAC and Apple sagas continue, hedge funds cash in on yen trades: hedge fund news, week seven [more]

In week ending February 15, 2013, Coatue Management announced it would launch a $300m hedge fund that will invest in high-growth, pre-IPO start-ups; Toronto-based hedge fund manager Spartan Fund

09 Feb. 2013. Opalesque Exclusive: Hedge funds assets jumped 6% to $2.6tln: hedge fund news, week 6 [more]

In the week-ending February 8, 2013, the world’s largest hedge fund, Bridgewater Associates, said it would launch the new All Weather Major Markets hedge fund this year; Avenue Capital Group was reported to be preparing a new $500m fund that is focused on Europe; and Morgan Stanley launched a

02 Feb. 2013. Opalesque Exclusive: Nomura Holdings’ Asia-focused hedge fund gains 32% on credit bet: hedge fund news, week five [more]

In the week ending February 1, 2013, Man Group's FRM Capital Advisors made a significant investment in a Japan-focused hedge fund launched by Arena Capital Management; Schroders is to launch the Sirios US Equity fund through its UCITS global alternative investor access platform in Februar

26 Jan. 2013. Opalesque Exclusive: Hedge funds move into eurozone: hedge fund news, week four [more]

In the week ending January 25, 2013, Connecticut fund of hedge funds Simple Alternatives said it was looking for a new manager to allocate to; Odey A.

19 Jan. 2013. Opalesque Exclusive: Hedge funds (excluding CTAs) average returns of 6%+ in 2012: hedge fund news, week 3 [more]

In the week-ending January 18, 2013, it was reported that Skanska group’s Jonas Granholm and managing director Gustav Lundeborg had teamed up with former Skanska CFO Hans Biörck to launch a hedge fund; former SAC Capital portfolio manager Charles Simonian said he would start a long-short equi

12 Jan. 2013. Opalesque Exclusive: SAC Capital did well in 2012 but now is trying to prevent redemptions: hedge fund news, week 2 [more]

In the week-ending January 11, 2013, it was reported that Pershing Square is currently forming Pershing Square Holdings Ltd., a new fund headed by Ackman which will go public once it has gathered $3bn in AuM; Tourbillon Capital is to launch a long/short equity hedge fund with $250m on January

05 Jan. 2013. Opalesque Exclusive: Global hedge fund industry gained $75bn in 2012, hedge fund news, week 01 [more]

In the week-ending January 4, 2013, Gabelli & Partners launched the credit hedge fund Gabelli Intermediate Credit Fund on January 1; and former Citadel head of securities Patrik Edsparr received a license to start an asset management company in Hong Kong. The Nordic Hedge Fund index

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