31.05.2010 - Egypt would welcome SWF investments from GCC and China
Elites from across Egypt would welcome investment from sovereign wealth funds in Abu Dhabi (100% approval); China (99%); Dubai (96%) and Bahrain (91%) ahead of Norway (50%) and Singapore (43%), the funds which received the highest overall ratings in the Sovereign Brands Survey 2010, the most extensive study into the attitudes of global broad elites to sovereign wealth as a concept, the reputation of host nations and sovereign wealth funds (SWFs). Conducted by Hill & Knowlton and Penn Schoen Berland, two of the world's pre-eminent research and communications strategy consultants, the study interviewed elites in 7 markets[i] including Egypt on their views of 19 host countries and their SWFs. The factors influencing decisions about taking investment were clear. The overwhelming majority (94%) of elites in Egypt rated country reputation to be "very important" in determining their view of sovereign wealth funds (SWFs)...........................................Full Press Release: Source