18.11.2016 - Norway Will Withdraw a Worth of $15 Billion Right From Its Wealth Fund In Which Can Eventually Put Bitcoin In Portfolio?
Norway was at this very moment planning to withdraw a worth of over and around NOK 121 billion in which is nearly closed to $15 billion US Dollars right from its sovereign wealth fund in order to cover its losses right from the oil revenue. With this certain idea that the Norway’s sovereign wealth fund could be put out in the cryptocurrency right in its portfolio in which now sounds untamed, but in the reality it could really somehow happen and it is approaching real soon! The country is the largest oil exporter in the entire Western Europe and with the crude oil prices are excessively going down and under, it has a hurtful effect onto the Norwegian economy and if the oil prices do not expand and increase it might bring some sort of a challenge in its economical status and situation............................................Full Article: Source