27.09.2016 - Qatar-Indonesia joint investment fund in ‘final stages’
The $1bn joint investment fund (JIF) by Qatar and Indonesia is nearing its final stages, and is expected to fund major infrastructure and energy projects, an official has said. Special envoy to the Indonesian president for Middle East Affairs Dr Alwi Abdurrahman Shihab said Indonesia’s share of the JIF (15%) “is ready.” He also said the government is just waiting for the Qatar Investment Authority (QIA) to select from several projects Indonesia has prepared to start the JIF. “This joint investment fund should be, as soon as we can, made into a reality because the Indonesians have already provided four to five projects to be picked by the Qatar Investment Authority (QIA) in order for us to show the Indonesian people that the investment is there,” Shihab said ...........................................Full Article: Source