26.09.2016 - An Asean Government Investment Fund Lost RM73 Billion Last Year
One of the Asean region's biggest soveriegn fund has been hit by its first loss in 7 years. While local detractors of Malaysia's ruling government have continued their smear campaign against state-owned investment fund 1MDB and making it appear as a huge failure due to losses, it is Singapore's state investment giant Temasek Holdings which announced an astounding SG$24 billion (RM73 billion) loss for its last financial year. Singapore’s sovereign wealth-fund company Temasek Holdings reportedly lost SG$24 billion in its latest financial year report FY2016 dating March 31. The news which saw the investment arm of the country’s CPF retirement funds lost 9.02% was announced only 3 months later on July 7. Temasek Holdings lost SG$24 billion to SG$242 billion from SG$266 billion a year ago, Straits Times Review had reported earlier this year...........................................Full Article: Source