09.08.2016 - Gurus Worried, What Should Sovereign Funds Do?
Several prominent investment gurus have recently made public comments regarding the state of the markets - playing a bearish tone of what is to come. Even investment banking mammoth Goldman Sachs gave a warning signal, as well as GOP U.S. Presidential candidate Donald J. Trump chiming in on August 2, 2016 on Fox Business, "I did invest, and I got out, and it was actually very good timing." More and more asset owners are anticipating a world where listed equities will no longer be substantial enough to carry returns for their expanding liabilities. While this monstrous shift in institutional investor asset allocation has lushly lined the pockets of alternative mangers, it does draw concern about the effectiveness of the major asset classes. This was clearly demonstrated in the latest fiscal year returns of CalPERS, Temasek Holdings, CalSTRS, China Investment Corporation, Abu Dhabi Investment Authority, etc...............................................Full Article: Source