27.11.2008 - Nodal exchange completes successful mock auctions
Nodal Exchange, the first independent electronic commodities exchange for forward locational electric power trading, announced today that it completed successful mock auctions for potential participants of the exchange. These mock auctions were held November 18th and 19th, 2008, in preparation for Nodal Exchange's early 2009 launch. Over 50 entities signed up to participate in these mock auctions. These entities account for 85% of the recent prompt month congestion trading in the four Regional Transmission Organization (RTO) markets Nodal Exchange will be initially supporting: PJM, MISO, NYISO, and ISO-NE. In addition, the mock auction included participants who do not currently trade in the congestion markets, but are looking forward to trading on Nodal Exchange because of the more frequent auctions and clearing of all nodal transactions..... Full Press Release: Source