01.02.2016 - Oil prices & the impact on Sovereign Wealth Funds - Libya as a case
The drop in oil prices in the last 12 months has taken markets and investors by surprise. State institutions such as Sovereign Wealth Funds (SWF) have been affected and state budgets have suffered. SWF will grow slowly and in many cases will see some of their assets declining in value or being liquidated to help with government budget deficits. State foreign exchange reserves will be affected as well. There are over 77 SWF’s in existence with total assets of over $7.1 Trillion dollars, of which $4 trillion are oil and gas related funds. By the end of 2015 more than 56 percent of the assets of SWFs originated from the sale of oil and gas related products. These funds account for anywhere from 5-10% of total money invested in global markets...............................................Full Article: Source