04.01.2016 - With oil prices skidding, Gulf nations begin selling sovereign wealth fund assets
Oil-rich Gulf sheikhdoms are being forced to raid their sovereign wealth funds to shore up their budgets. With US crude oil prices falling below $40 per barrel in December, they have no choice but to reach into these rainy-day savings. For now, they can hold on to some of their trophy assets, like strategic investments in Volkswagen or Barclays. But if crude prices keep tumbling, a fire sale will be hard to avoid. During the most recent energy boom, the six members of the Gulf Cooperation Council — including Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Kuwait — amassed sovereign funds worth more than $2.3 trillion. These assets have traditionally comprised a mix of debt and other securities, in addition to influential stakes in some of the world’s biggest companies such as Glencore, VW and Barclays...............................................Full Article: Source