22.10.2012 - Islamic banking market in Qatar worth $35bln: IIF
The size of Islamic banking market in Qatar is worth $35bn. The sector accounts for an estimated 19.3 percent of the country’s total banking assets. The Institute of International Finance (IIF) estimated in its latest report that the assets of Islamic Banking industry in the GCC has reached a total of $314bn by the end of 2011, representing about 19 percent of the total assets of the Gulf banks that amounts to about two trillion dollars.The IIF estimated the assets of Islamic banks around the world $1.6trn. Saudi Arabia, with an estimated $92bn assets, leads in terms of the size of the Islamic banking market in the region, followed by the United Arab Emirates- $80bn and Kuwait at about $ 70bn. Bahrain ‘s assets has been estimated to$ 38 bn, an Arabic daily quoted IIF report as saying...............................................Full Article: Source