22.09.2016 - Commodity bulls dare to exude optimism
After five lean years some investors sense a turning point for the sector. After five years of consecutive declines, has the commodities market finally bottomed? With a leading index up 7 per cent from the start of the year and a jump in investment flows into the market, some investors are daring to be optimistic although others remain resolutely on the sidelines. “We think that this is a turning point in investment flows in commodities,” says Kevin Norrish, head of commodity research at Barclays. According to the bank’s latest research, commodities saw investment inflows of $54bn between January and August, an all-time high for the first eight months of the year. If the current trend continues, 2016 will mark the first year of net inflows into commodities for the first time in four years...........................................Full Article: Source