28.05.2015 - Gold Has Two Major Hurdles to Overcome
Gold has 2 major hurdles to overcome and they are as follows: 1. Interest rate rises in the US. 2. Money printing by other nations, Japan, UK, Europe, etc. Both support the US$ and put downward pressure on gold. The specter of interest rate increases in the US hangs over the precious metals sector like the Sword of Damocles. The Federal Reserve has stated that they want to ‘normalize’ rates now that the period of Quantitative Easing is over. Employment figures published by the Department of Labour have shown a steady increase in the number of jobs created over the last twelve months or so. On the inflation front; core prices, which exclude food and energy rose at a yearly pace of 1.8% for the month of April, which is the fastest monthly rise for almost a year..........................................Full Article: Source