28.04.2014 - The largest supply side shock since the OPEC crisis of the 1970s
A future filled with inflation, creative government expropriations and changing borders in Eastern Europe. The Ukraine was not a local, spontaneous, organic event, but part of a larger pattern of social unrest in Brazil, Argentina, Thailand, South Africa, and across the Arab world, which share a common thread: A rising cost of living for at least two years before all hell breaks out. When food costs rise dramatically, people ask, "Why is the wealth in my society being distributed to some other guy and not to me?" The question led to the overthrow of dictatorships in the Middle East and, in Ukraine, the answer was to join the EU. The Russians said, "No way." If Ukraine joined the EU, it would mean NATO right on Russia's border, which would be like a Cuban Missile Crisis for them...............................................Full Article: Source