24.03.2014 - Global X Funds launches more hedge fund tracking ETFs
Thanks to the market’s surge over the past twelve months, many retail investors have begun to once again look at market gurus and their portfolios in order to find the next slate of outperforming stocks. While tracking 13-F filings from hedge funds (which reveal their positions) is one way an individual investor can tap into the ideas of investing gurus, an ETF approach that does the work for you is another way to go. This technique has been successfully developed by the Global X Guru Index ETF which has not only crushed the market, but it has attracted a decent sized following as well. In fact, total AUM for the fund is approaching $600 million, while it has added over 28% in the past twelve months compared to a roughly 20% gain for the S&P 500 in the same time frame..............................................Full Article: Source