02.02.2012 - EIG Global Energy Partners announces sale of minority interest to CIC
EIG Global Energy Partners (EIG) announced a definitive agreement in which EIG and the China Investment Corporation (CIC) have entered into a transaction for a purchase of a stake in EIG. The minority investment includes no associated voting rights and is subject to certain protective rights. CIC is also an investor in EIG-managed funds. R. Blair Thomas, Chief Executive Officer of EIG said, "CIC is one of the premier investors in the world and we are honored to have them as long-term partners as we continue to grow our firm. As a niche asset management firm that only invests in energy, resources and related infrastructure, we believe that this relationship will provide valuable insight into the demand side of the global energy equation that will benefit all of our investors. Long-term market fundamentals in energy are robust and we believe that this transaction will further enhance our position as a leader going-forward." (Press Release)