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Opalesque unites Fusaro, Prof. Siry and Sona Blessing for Carbon Led Investing Webinar

Posted on 02 February 2009

Opalesque A SQUARE (”Alternative Alternatives”), still the world’s first and only publication and independent research portal dedicated to alternative alternatives, has drawn leading experts in the field of carbon management for an interactive webinar on Feb. 11th, 2009 16.00 Swiss time, 10.00 am (EST):

Peter C. Fusaro, Chairman, Global Change Associates - Energy and Environmental Consulting and engaged in the process at the US federal level

Professor Jacek P. Siry, a specialist in carbon sequestration issues, at The Center for Forest Business, Warnell School of Forestry and Natural Resources, University of Georgia

Moderator Sona Blessing, Director of Research, Opalesque Ltd

The experts will share insights and perspectives based on their “hands-on-experience” in this space and will address the following:

· Carbon emissions - facts, figures, fantasy
· Carbon sequestration
· How investible is it as an asset class?
· Could carbon become the biggest of any derivative product over the next 4-5 years?
· Cap and trade as a mechanism
· Carbon compensation: growing, cultivating, harnessing forests, other offsetting methods
· Pricing carbon emissions - the mechanics
· The prospects for carbon trading post 2012
· Role of the US - shifting from a voluntary to a compulsory system

Agreeing on a global regulatory framework - how realistic?

The EU endorsed a plan in December 2008 to reduce the 27-nation bloc’s greenhouse gas emissions by 20 per cent from 1990 levels by 2020
Member states and other developed countries are urged to increase that figure to 30 per cent – how realistic is this?

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The Panelists:

Peter C. Fusaro is Chairman of Global Change Associates, a financial services advisory in New York, and the best selling author of What Went Wrong at Enron and 14 other books on energy and the environmental financial markets. He is an energy industry thought leader noted for his keen insights in emerging energy and environmental financial markets and has been at the forefront of energy and environmental change for over 30 years focusing on oil, gas, power, coal, emissions, carbon trading and renewable energy markets. He coined the term “Green Trading“ and co-founded the Energy Hedge Fund Center LLC.

Jacek P. Siry, serves as associate professor of forest economics at The University of Georgia’s Center for Forest Business.

He has expertise and experience in forest carbon sequestration, forest industry competitiveness issues including timber trade, availability and cost, that span the world’s major producing regions. He has a Ph.D. in Natural Resource Economics and Forest Policy, University of Georgia

Opalesque A SQUARE = Alternative Alternatives is the first web publication, globally, that is dedicated exclusively to alternative investments. A SQUARE’s weekly selection feature unique investment opportunities that bear virtually no correlation to the main stream hedge fund strategies and/or distinguish themselves by virtue of their “alternative” motive - social, behavioural, natural resources, sustainable /environment related investing.

With its “research that reveals” approach, fast facts and investment oriented analysis, A SQUARE offers diversification and complementary ideas for: private, high net-worth and institutional investors, pension funds and endowments, portfolio and hedge funds managers. For more information please go here:

Opalesque has been publishing Alternative Market Briefing, the premium news service on hedge funds and alternatives, since February 2003. Opalesque was runner-up at the State Street Institutional Press Awards 2008 in the well contested category of most innovative media outlet. Opalesque’s weekly 600,000 issues of its eight web-based publications are read in over 130 countries. For more information, please go to

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