22.09.2010 - Allfunds Bank creates first Sharia compliant B2B fund platform
Allfunds Bank SA, the leading European B2B platform has launched an Islamic Services Unit allowing it to fully serve Islamic investors around the world. The recently endorsed Fatwa, signed by the four member Sharia’h Board of Amanie Dubai, one of the leading Islamic consultancy firms, positions Allfunds Bank as the first and sole B2B fund platform fully compliant with Sharia principles. Allfunds Bank already offers more than 80 Sharia’h compliant funds, sourced from 15 fund promoters based in Luxembourg, Ireland, UAE and Saudi Arabia. This latest development establishes Allfunds Bank as the centre of excellence in the Islamic Open Architecture space and will create further opportunities to expand its service offer. Clients of Allfunds Bank will have direct access to the largest available range of Islamic funds through the fully automated platform, thus diversifying their choice for investments..............................................Full Press Release: Source