31.08.2010 - Gold bullion and Islamic private equity: Protection and production, Shahzad Siddiqui & Toby Birch
From Opalesque: Shahzad Siddiqui is a Toronto-based lawyer and Chief Legal Officer at Broadwater Capital Inc, a Toronto-based Islamic finance firm. He was previously an investment banker at Ittihad Securities, an Islamic private equity firm in the same city. He is an author of several Euromoney publications including Sovereign Sukuk, co-written with a manager at the Ontario Financing Authority, and Fruits of the Orchard: Endowments for Mosques and Islamic Charitable Organisations in Western and Muslim Lands. Toby Birch is Managing Director of Oppenheim and Co Limited (investment management) and Guernsey Gold Limited (bullion dealing). He is a Chartered Fellow of the Chartered Institute for Securities and Investment and also hold's the Institute's Islamic Finance Qualification. He is author of The Final Crash, one of the most prescient predictions of the credit crisis published in May 2007. He was previously CEO at Blackfish Capital Holdings where he managed a resources-based hedge fund and senior investment manager at Bank Julius Baer in Guernsey..............................................Full Article: Source