24.08.2010 - Zakat fund grants AED 1 mln to newly Islam converts
From WAM: The Disbursement Committee of Zakat Fund has decided to grant AED 1 million to 100 people who newly embraced Islam to encourage them learn more about the religion and start their new lives as Muslims. The newly Islam converts are one of eight categories specified by the Holy Quran and the Islamic Shari'ah to deserve being given Zakat money. Chaired by Abdullah Aqeeda Al Muhairi, Secretary General of Zakat Fund, said that people who have recently converted to Islam are those whose hearts are to be brought together in Islam. They were clearly mentioned in Verse 60 of Al Tawbah Soura in the Holy Quran as one of the eight categories who deserve to receive Zakat money along with the poor, the needy and others...........................................Full Article: Source 2FWamLocEnews%2FW-T-LEN-FullNews