03.10.2012 - Taylor Alternative Mutual Funds launches Taylor XPLOR Managed Futures Strategy Fund
Taylor Alternative Mutual Funds, which are committed to providing financial advisors and their clients direct and easy access to leading alternative investment strategies in a mutual fund format, today announced the launch of the Taylor Xplor Managed Futures Strategy Fund [TMFIX], the first mutual fund of the Taylor ALTS family of funds. The Taylor Xplor Fund is a managed futures strategy that was previously only available to qualified investors and is now accessible to all investors and their financial advisors in an SEC-registered, open-end mutual fund with daily liquidity. The Taylor Xplor Fund invests both long and short in a variety of asset classes, including commodities, currencies, equity indices and global interest rates, and is intended to complement traditional equity and fixed income investments by offering diversification, low correlation to markets, reduced portfolio risk during market crises, and the potential for strong returns. Diversification and low correlation to markets does not ensure profit or prevent losses. (press Release)