03.10.2012 - Hutchin Hill profits off HTZ & DTG merger, grabs another Eton Park PM
Hutchin Hill Capital is a well known, hedge fund, primarily famous for profiting off JP Morgan’s Chase & Co. London Whale and Libor scandal. The Hutchin Hill Capital Master Fund is up 2.44% in August 2012. The fund was up 0.73 percent in July, and now, the year-to-date returns are +3.85%. Hutchin Hill Capital invests in a few defined strategies that include, Long/Short Equity, Events, Credit, Systematic and Quantitative, Macro, Managed Futures, and Opportunistic strategies. The Master fund increased capital allocation in Quantitative strategy from 21 percent to 26 percent of total. The Quantitative approach focuses on missed pricing in exchange-traded funds, options, futures, bonds, swaps, and currencies. Another increase in exposure was in the Macro strategy, up from 4 percent of capital to 8 percent. Capital allocation was reduced in Credit, from 23 percent to 18 percent...............................................Full Article: Source