03.03.2009 - Global carbon trading Index, funds sink
From Seekingalpha.com: The ETF Innovators Global Carbon Trading Index tracks the performance of 20 companies (summarized in accompanying table) from a starting value of 21,687 on 1/19/09 which are involved in a variety of green business activities. The Global Carbon Trading Index has lost about 15% of its market value in the past five weeks to a level of 18,497. Initial enthusiasm for the space (with the election of President Obama) has faded given the realities of a global economic slowdown and bear market for stocks..... Full Article: Source *A SQUARE's recent webinar on carbon-led investing* - with voice-over (which non-A SQUARE subscribers can purchase individually) can be accessed here: http://www.opalesque.com/asquare/509/Webinar_Carbon_Led_Investing.html