26.02.2009 - How to Raise Capital for Free (Thanks to Carbon Trading)
From Businessweek.com: No, that headline isn’t wrong. And no, it’s not a trick to get you to read this posting (although hopefully it helps). While reporting for a recent article on Europe’s cap-and-trade carbon dioxide market, I came across an eco-financing trend that could have implications when/if the U.S. unveils its own federally-mandated emissions trading scheme. In short, Europe’s heavy industry, such as oil refiners and steel manufacturers, has turned the Continent’s carbon market into a new source of financing to cover running costs. .... Full Article: Source A SQUARE’s report on recent webinar on carbon-led investing - with voice-over (which non-A SQUARE subscribers can purchase individually) can be accessed here: http://www.opalesque.com/asquare/509/Webinar_Carbon_Led_Investing.html