14.12.2012 - Cuba’s ‘new’ real property rights — one year later
A year ago, the buzz in Miami about the incipient real estate market in Cuba was almost deafening. My phone rang and rang, and I had to recharge its battery every three hours or so. But once again, we have to concede that Cuba moves at a pace that neither Americans, nor even Cuban-Americans seem to be able to grasp. Sure, there are some who have gone ahead and ‘invested’ — through straw friends or relatives living in Cuba — in Cuban real estate, bent on benefiting from being among the “first movers.” But all indications are that such ‘investments’ have only had a negligible impact in Cuba, if any (which is not to say they might not still have a significant, and likely negative, impact on the pockets of those intrepid ‘investors’ who dared to make their moves while skirting present Cuban laws)...............................................Full Article: Source