03.10.2008 - Difficult trend for U.S. cotton
From Deltafarmpress.com: Tom Scott, president and CEO of Informa Economics, Memphis, Tenn., in detailing to the Cotton Board what he believes is the outlook for U.S. cotton, sounded more like an apologetic Darth Vader. Scott, head of the business formerly known as Sparks Companies, Inc., told directors of the Cotton Board that U.S. cotton prices will continue to decline in the near term (six to nine months); U.S. acreage will fall to just 6 million acres in seven years; and that America’s portion of the world cotton market will drop from the current 12 percent to just 8 percent in that same time frame. That would put the United States a distant third place behind China and India, which he projects combined will account for more than 60 percent of world cotton production by 2015...... Full Article: Source