01.10.2008 - Kyoto market long, but several countries short
From Commodities-now.com: It is well known that the Kyoto market's first period (2008-2012) is generally oversupplied with carbon credits from the 39 industrialised countries to take on caps (known as Annex B countries) leaving the overall market long. However, within this overall picture of length, eleven countries are expected to be short, leaving a 'Kyoto gap' they will need to fill either by reducing their own emissions or by purchasing Kyoto carbon credits (in the shape of CERs, ERUs or AAUs). This is the assessment of Point Carbon, the leading provider of market intelligence, news, analysis, forecasting and advisory services for the energy and environmental markets, in its most recent Carbon Market Analyst, entitled The Kyoto Balance: Saved by the AAUs..... Full Article: Source