06.10.2008 - Believe it or not, house prices are going to soar
From Guardian: House prices are going to rise again. That may seem a scenario far removed from today's headlines about falling prices and haemorrhaging values. But, according to an influential economics consultancy, prices have to go up for one simple reason - government targets for the minimum number of new homes are just not being met. A year ago, 'targets' were the order of the day. Gordon Brown announced that in England alone there should be between 240,000 and 297,700 homes built annually until 2016, and that, in total, between 2.9 million and 3.5 million new homes should be built by 2020. In 2007 - before the downturn hit the new-build market - some 174,900 homes were completed: still below target but on an upward path from previous years..... Full Article: Source