04.02.2013 - Still springtime in North Africa? Interest in Islamic finance is rising
It may still be 'too early' to gauge the full impact of the events that led to regime change across much of the Arab world and are still being played out in Syria and elsewhere. It is, however, clear that one beneficiary is the Islamic finance sector. Unmet economic need was one of the key triggers for the protests. New governments in Tunisia, Libya and Egypt are now moving to embed Shari'ah-compliant finance into their economic systems. For example, on 29 September 2012, plans were revealed in Tunisia to issue Sukuk early this year. Reuters reported Chadli Avari, Governor of the Banque Centrale de Tunisie, as saying "Tunisia will begin issuing Islamic bonds early next year ... This is part of the draft budget for 2013."........................................Full Article: Source