31.01.2013 - Tharawat announces its Sukuk Fund annual returns of 9.44pct in 2012
Tharawat Investment House (Tharawat), an Islamic investment institution based in the Kingdom of Bahrain, announced 5.06% profit returns of Tharawat Sukuk Fund for the second half of 2012, achieving a total return of 9.44% in 2012, and a cumulative return of 21.98% since its inception in February 2010. Tharawat will be distributing 4% for the period from July to December 2012, making it the 6th time of such distribution. Tharawat Sukuk Fund is Tharawat's first open-ended Sharia'a compliant investment product based in the Kingdom of Bahrain. It invests over 70% of its liquidity in government- issued Sukuk and in well-established firms in the GCC, Middle East, North Africa, and Southeast Asia (MENASA) region. (Press Release)