16.01.2013 - Ethica Institute of Islamic Finance expands with Islamic finance certification in Nigeria
Now with a collaboration between Ethica and local partner Haifx Consult in place – including on-the-ground Islamic finance learning centers and mentorship programs – professionals get local access to global Islamic finance certification at subsidized rates. With a population of 150 million – the largest in Africa – and with Muslims making up more than half this number, it is no surprise that Nigeria is spearheading the growth of Islamic finance in Africa. It started off with an ATM machine. Nigerians were finding out about Ethica’s Islamic finance training and certification on bank teller machines in urban centers around Nigeria, completely unbeknownst to the Dubai-based institute. When Ethica learned about the free advertising, they were pleasantly surprised and more than a little encouraged by the dynamism and excitement of those trying to bring Islamic finance to Nigeria. (Press Release)