14.01.2013 - The Islamic Development Bank Group's financing reached USD 10 bln in 2012
Dr. Ahmad Mohamed Ali, President of the IDB Group , has expressed delight as the Group's financing reached an all-time high of USD 9.8 billion in 1433H (2012) i.e. an increase of 18% over that of 1432H (2011), which stood at USD 8.3 billion. He stated that the IDB Group increased its financing for its member countries significantly in a bid to satisfy their growing developmental needs and to arrest the adverse effects of recurrent financial crises on the economies of many IDB member countries. The IDB financing continued to grow annually even during and after the global financial crises. Thus, while the Group's financing stood at USD 5.4 billion only in 1429H (2008), it had thereafter achieved an 81% increase over the five past years. (Press Release)