11.12.2012 - Bank Indonesia : Islamic economic advocacy and communication forum (ForKAES) established
The Islamic Economic Advocacy and Communication Forum (ForKAES) was formed as mandated by the PKES National Members Convention (KNA) on 13th July 2012 to optimize the achievement of Islamic financial/economic communication and socialization targets. ForKAES is a communication forum for associations formed by professionals and practitioners linked to the Islamic economy and observers of the Islamic economy in Indonesia. ForKAES aims to coordinate and synchronize socialisation programs and activities, publications and communication conducted by related associations like the Islamic Economic Community (IEC), the Islamic Banking Association of Indonesia (ASBISINDO), the Indonesian Association of Islamic Economics (IAEI), the Indonesian BMT Association (ABSINDO), the Islamic Insurance Association of Indonesia (AASI) and the Islamic Economic Communication Centre (PKES). (Press Release)