31.08.2012 - Noriba investing debuts new Halal platform
"Money can be moral. Profit can be pure" halal Investing for the masses--that is the theme at this years ISNA (Islamic Society North America) annual convention for halal-compliant investment house, Noriba Investing. They will be showing Muslim traders and investors how to make investments that are considered "halal" or permissible under Islamic financial law. Noriba Investing expects a big turnout this year and anticipates a flood of new clients making the switch to financial services that meet both their investment needs and uphold their faith. For many traders, Islamic investment guidelines remain a major consideration in deciding their investments or outlays. In accordance with their religious beliefs, Muslim investors are not only allowed but encouraged to participate in the markets in an ethical manner and invest in companies and funds that adhere to their lifestyle standards. For example, Muslims can only buy shares in companies that manufacture products and use methods that are considered halal or ethically "permissible". They cannot invest in companies that engage in "haram" or forbidden practices like arms and alcohol.(Press Release)