19.03.2009 - Daman Islamic and Second Emirates Funds grow 1.40% and 0.99% in February NAV
Daman Investments PSC, the leading Dubai-based investment management company, has announced the performance results of three of its funds: the Daman Speculator Fund, the Daman Second Emirates Fund, and the Daman Islamic Fund, for the month of February 2009. The Daman Second Emirates Fund recorded a growth of 0.99%, and the Daman Islamic Fund, the company’s Shari’ah-compliant offering, posted a gain in Net Asset Value of 1.40%, ending at AED 42.51 for February 2009.The Daman Speculator Fund, ended the month of February at a NAV of AED102.65, a drop of 1.47% for the month. .... Full Press Release: Source