20.02.2012 - Islamic wealth management: Fortunes of the rich will reach USD 162 trillion in 2015
KFH-Research prepared a report about Islamic wealth management industry around the world. It stated that this industry has great growth potentials during the coming years, in light of the growing number of rich Muslims, constant growth of Islamic assets, and the increasing demand for Shariah compliant services and products in Islamic and non-Islamic countries. It revealed that the volume of Islamic assets reached USD 1.3 billion by the end of last year. In addition, the report mentioned that the global wealth management sector is expected to grow with an annual average up to 6% from 2012-2015 to reach USD 162 trillion, despite expected slowdown in global economy. Islamic assets have grown at an average rate of 15%-20% per annum over the past decade to reach approximately USD1.3tln in 2011. (Press Release)