07.02.2012 - Islamic finance training comes to India
Ethica's entry into India may be a critical turning point for bringing Islamic finance to a growing economic powerhouse with over 150 million Muslims. In the industry, only Ethica's e-learning platform is 100% online and fully AAOIFI-compliant. That means whether Ethica is training one user, a group of college students, or the entire staff of a bank, training duration remains only 4 months. For a country with limited professionals trained in Islamic finance, the Ethica-Infinity partnership could prove historic. Saif Ahmed, Managing Partner at Infinity and a former Islamic banker said, "In less than 4 months, Indian residents now get a globally recognized certificate in Islamic finance at a cost that is affordable from the comfort of their own home or office - something which was not possible before. This is a critical step for Shariah-compliant liquidity to find its way into India through infrastructure and private equity investments." (Press Release)