02.11.2011 - Qatar First Investment Bank highlights changing trends of Islamic Private Equity
The recent global financial crises has changed the sentiment for finance and investments. An increased appetite for Islamic Private Equity has surfaced with its own challenges and trends. Joined by over 50 expert regional and global speakers, Ihab Asali, QFIB Head of Private Equity addressed the global rise of Islamic Private Equity at the recently concluded Islamic Investment and Finance Forum, in Istanbul, Turkey. "The growth of Islamic Private Equity comes at a time when there is a controversy over the credibility of the conventional financial system. Islamic Private Equity is the purest form of Shari'ah-compliant financing since it is structured on a partnership basis. We will continue to see an increased focus on the value and potential contribution of Islamic Private Equity as new markets emerge," said Ihab Asali, QFIB Head of Private Equity. (Press Release)