16.07.2013 - Meet the man who’ll manage Nigeria’s sovereign wealth fund
In 2010, Uche Orji, a highly rated semiconductor analyst and Managing Director with UBS in New York, resigned from his post as an “incredibly great offer” had just come his way – one that would more than double his salary. But a month after his resignation, Orji changed his mind about the new gig. He was finding it impossible to convince himself that it passed his three-way test for taking on new assignments: Can it be done? Should it be done? Can I do it? He decided to return to UBS. It was one of the lowest points in his career, Orji concedes. For a man who earned a living offering highly quoted advice to investors and multi billion-dollar firms – something he had been doing at UBS for six years – such a public about-face was not a wise decision. Professionally, he survived it, but even today he doesn’t like to talk about it. Even the most painful loss-making moments of his career seem to pale beside this incident...............................................Full Article: Source