10.05.2013 - KPMG issues report on sovereign wealth funds
KPMG announced the publication of a report on the Sovereign Wealth Funds in the Middle East. The report represents a collection of articles prepared by KPMG specialists throughout the Middle East and provides insight into the recent trends and developments in SWF investment strategies specifically in the UAE, Qatar and Kuwait. The report also looks at the evolution of SWFs in the Middle East as the region looks to reduce its dependence on energy resources. Vikas Papriwal, Head of SWFs and Private Equity said "It is clear that the global challenges of the last three years have forced organizations around the world, including SWFs, to evolve. While the investment objectives in the region have certainly changed, including geographical and sector focus, diversification remains a key and common objective for Middle Eastern SWFs as countries in the region seek to reduce their reliance on energy, and oil and gas prices." (Press Release)